Where and the way to vote in Covington

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Where and the way to vote in Covington

If you’re planning on balloting in Covington this upcoming Tuesday, the town has released a listing of voting tips for its residents.

The number of voting places in Covington has been reduced from preceding years, and a few of the earlier voting places have modified. Every voter has an assigned polling location on Election Day, Nov. 8. However, there’s flexibility to vote at different places.
“Voters want to be aware about the changes and plan in advance,” Covington City Manager Ken Smith said. “Don’t anticipate doing what you’ve always achieved.

More information can be observed with the aid of studying the How Do I Vote in Kenton County? File, or through clicking the “Elections” tab at the Kenton County Clerk’s website run by means of Kenton County Clerk Gabrielle Summe.

How to vote

Covington citizens have 3 methods of vote casting:

Early in-character voting: 7:30 a.M. To 4 p.M. On Nov. 3, 4, and 5 at 4 locations, with  of these in Covington:
  • Northern Kentucky Convention Center, 1 W. Rivercenter Blvd.
  • Calvary Baptist Church, 3711 Tibbatts St.
  • Lakeside Christian Church, 195 Buttermilk Pike, Lakeside Park.
  • Independence Senior Center, 2001 Jackwoods Parkway, Independence.
Election Day in-character voting: 6 a.M. To six p.M. Nov. 8. Assigned balloting places (but see word underneath):

  • Covington precincts No. 1, 2, three, eleven: Northern Kentucky Convention Center, 1 W. Rivercenter Blvd.
  • Covington precincts No. Four, five, 7: Madison Ave. Christian Church, 1530 Madison Ave.
  • Covington precincts No. 6, 8, 9, 10: Glenn O. Swing Elementary (fitness center front), 501 W. Nineteenth St.
  • Covington precincts No. 12, thirteen, 14, 15: Calvary Baptist Church (West Southern entrance), 3711 Tibbatts St.
  • Covington precincts No. Sixteen, 17: Taylor Mill Elementary (in the fitness center), 5907 Taylor Mill Road.
If a resident doesn’t realize their precinct number, they are able to find out by using clicking Voter Information Portal, then clicking the “Track your Ballot/Review your Registration” box, and typing in your call and birthday.
Note: Kentucky now calls for a paper poll for each voter.

A resident’s Election Day assigned polling region will have pre-printed paper ballots displaying the races you are eligible to vote in. The City of Covington is strongly endorsed to vote there.
However, if a resident is not able to vote there, they could go to any of the opposite Kenton County Election Day polling places and ask for an ExpressVote Ballot Marker or go to one of the early vote casting places and get a Print-on-Demand ballot  for their particular precinct. The collective listing of all county, metropolis, and college board races wherein Kenton County electorate can vote can be found at Kenton County ballot . The composite ballot  (with all the races) can be discovered at Kenton County composite.

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