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No dwelling meals for Kochhars & Dhoot: CBI court docket | India Information

MUMBAI: A particular CBI court docket on Thursday rejected pleas made by Chanda Kochhar, ex-CEO of ICICI Financial institution, her husband Deepak Kochhar and Videocon group’s Venugopal Dhoot, for dwelling meals whereas in judicial custody. The court docket, nonetheless, mentioned that the jail superintendent “…is directed to supply medical weight-reduction plan meals to Chanda Kochhar as per the recommendation of jail medical officer.”
The court docket additionally rejected Chanda’s plea for a chair and mattress. It additionally rejected Deepak’s plea for a mattress, knee size compression stockings and a chair. It mentioned, “The jail superintendent is directed to supply a specialised chair utilized in Indian type rest room to Deepak at his personal value and on his personal threat.”