Sony and All Led Tv How to convert to U11 Mother Board-U11 HD All resolution code numbers

 Sony and Led Tv How to convert to U11 Mother Board !!

 Sony and Led Tv How to convert to U11 Mother Board ,
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Most of led and lcd Television mother board and smbs power supply board not available in market ,so we give better solution in this since we replaced market Universal board ,All the models tv and brand different but we try to match ,
had to share some pic here , Example Sony Full Hd 46 Inches Lcd  Model No :- EX400 


1.Universal mother board 
2.Lvds Cable 
Required volt  -12  volt  dc ssuppally
1st need to back light power on ,so connect smbs board 5 volt to power on and backlight on supply’s short the 3 cables ,then back light getting on,the next step connect 12volt to U11 Board poer suppaly and LVDS cable(note Cheek panel left side voltage or right side voltage   )then connact the board and the cheek the all connectives and power on the television 
Must need to Chang panel resolution after power on display not coming,If not comeing display change the display resolution 
Basic Information of This Universal Board
Model no: VS.T56U11.2 Universal Board
Screen type: LED LCD both panel screen support this Universal board
Resolution: HD and FULL HD
 have seven resolutions 1024×768 to 1920x1080Full HD. All resolution code numbers of these  mention below –

Resolution code Step1          Step2

1366×768 SOURCE 20081 SOURCE 31181
1024×768 SOURCE 20082 SOURCE 31182
1280×1024 SOURCE 20083 SOURCE 31183
1440×900 SOURCE 20084 SOURCE 31184
1600×900 SOURCE 20085 SOURCE 31185
1680×1050 SOURCE 20086 SOURCE 31186
1920×1080 SOURCE 20087 SOURCE 31187


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