Nothing Phone (1) Review OverLoded User Review

Nothing Phone (1) Review Over Loded User Review

And this is the new Nothing Phone I have been using this device for about a week now And right now, either you know everything about this phone Or you have no idea what this is. Infact! In the last week, the number of times I got Hey What Phone Is That?’ 

 was way more than the number of times I got ‘Is that the new Nothing Phone?’ Any which ways, this phone – if Nothing else – is a great conversation starter But what about the other bits? Let’s find out 😉 Ok if you already know about this device you would already know about the design But for the unintended, the unique or the stand-out feature of this phone the DESIGN If you flip it around, you will notice a transparent back underneath which, we have some LED lights Now Nothing calls it a Glyph Interface and this is basically your conventional notification light but on STEROIDS Whenever you get a phone call, or a WhatsApp message or any other notification or you interact with the Google Assistant or put your phone to charge the LED lights would turn on Assuming you have your phone upside down.

 And noticed how I said ‘Assuming’ That’s because before this, I used to always keep my phone facing upwards but I think MKBHD also pointed this out I had to consciously put this phone upside down otherwise I won’t be able to use the LED lights Now whenever they work, they work flawlessly Although there are a couple of features that I think Nothing can introduce in the next version First, they can introduce RGB to take the customization to the next level Second, 

The LED lights only go off when you get a notification so for example, 

I have not in the room and I get a call and I come back after a while there is no way for me to know if I got the call or not Now if we deviate from this Glyph Interface the phone otherwise looks really solid In fact, some people pointed this out that the form factor and the dimensions are identical to the iPhone 13 Pro Max So if you want to know the in-hand feel of this phone Head on to the Apple Store and try out the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Lol But that is only half the story because even though the dimensions are identical to iPhone 13 Pro Max It feels significantly light for the size And although I am not a big fan of big phone the light weight kind of makes up for it Also, I am using this phone without a case since last one week and even though the black versions shows way more fingerprints and smudges I haven’t noticed any scratches as such Thanks to the Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and at the back Ok 


Enough about the back, let’s talk about the DISPLAY We get a 6.55-inch 1080p OLED display with 500 nits typical brightness and 120Hz refresh rate + HDR10 support Now first things first, let me get this all clear I am team High Refresh Rate Yes, you get used to 60Hz But in my opinion,

 high refresh rate like 90Hz/120Hz makes the overall experience a little better Second, call it lucky but I didn’t face any major issues with the display on my unit but it’s safe to acknowledge, people are facing a lot of issues with the Nothing Phone 1’s display Now there is a slight green tint towards the top of the display on my unit and it does bother me because once you know it’s there you can’t unsee it but what are the chances that the the replacement unit will not have the green tint Probably very less! But if I keep these things aside This is a solid OLED display I liked the colours even though it doesn’t get too bright so if you use your phone outdoors you can face some difficulties but I didn’t have any major complaints from this display Now don’t get me wrong, this is not the best OLED display even at this price point I feel Samsung still makes the best AMOLED displays even for the mid-rangers But if you watch a lot of videos or just use the phone normally You will enjoy the overall experience Now this overall experience is also defined by the UI (User Interface) It’s true! Even though I love the hardware on Xiaomi Phones But because I don’t like MIUI that much I don’t particularly enjoy using those phones But thankfully, Nothing has this sorted out because The Nothing OS skin here is very minimalistic There is absolutely no bloatware or any third-party wallpaper service There are no ads and as a result of this You will notice that this phone feels fast or a little more snappy and I hope because the Nothing OS is minimalistic Nothing will be able to roll out OTA updates relatively faster Infact, if you ask me, I would call this the new OxygenOS because the old one is actually breathing its last bit of Oxygen Ok….so…bad joke! Don’t get me wrong, this is not perfect I have already installed a couple OTA updates and there are still bugs. for e.g. the other day I just couldn’t access the recent apps menu It would crash the whole thing and the Glyph Interface was also a little inconsistent but I like the approach Nothing is taking here that you start pure, you start vanilla and then you can always add features on top of it through OTA or in future iterations so I am particularly excited about what the Nothing OS has in store for us in future. Another controversial decision that Nothing took was with the processor So you get the Snapdragon 778G+ which is not a flagship processor but it is a tried and tested SoC And honestly, I don’t mind that because I don’t play a lot of games but even if you do, you can easily play games like Call of Duty (COD) or ..oh ..we can’t even say BGMI now 🙁 but you do get my point, right? 

battery inside?

But one thing that impressed me the most was the heat management in this processor Not even once in the last week I felt the phone was over heating abnormally atleast not in day to day usage So I was so glad to see that Plus I was also impressed with the battery life You get a 4500 mAh battery inside So if you start your day at 10AM in the morning with 100% battery life you can easily get through the day even with medium to heavy usage and you will still have about 15% left by the end of the day In case you are wondering, the Nothing Phone 1 does support fast charging but you don’t get the charger in the box It will cost you Rs 1499 and interestingly The charger can support upto 45W but the Nothing Phone 1 can only support up to 33W fast charging Which is Strange! Anyway – if you don’t want to get that charger and if you have a Qi enabled wireless charger in the house Good News! Nothing Phone 1 does support wireless charging and not only that you can also reverse wireless charge your earbuds or smartwatch even though I have to say it’s super slow and you will have to have it on for a very long time Ok!

cameras at the back 50MP

 Let’s get to the optics now in terms of the cameras Nothing Phone 1 has two cameras at the back 50MP primary camera and a 50MP wide-angle camera and you get a 16MP front camera now by default, the primary camera shoots at 12.5 megapixels and overall the photos look great The colours are well balanced and I am so glad that the post-image processing is not overdoing stuff so it’s not over sharpening the photos and I also like the saturation levels so if you are using the primary camera of this phone you will be very satisfied On the other hand, the wide angle camera was kind of a mixed bag While the colours look decent But there is a lot more over sharpening going on here And I think that’s mostly because Nothing is overcompensating for the otherwise rather soft camera sensor The front camera disappointed me the most of the three sensors Again, don’t get me wrong You will overall like the selfies The colours are slightly warm and the pictures come out a little too soft Infact, a couple of my friends pointed this out even during a video call Talking about videos, the primary camera will let you shoot at 1080p 60fps and 4K 30fps And if you keep the stabilization on the videos come out half decent But on the front, we only get 1080p 30fps which in my opinion, 
even for a mid-ranger, is not impressive at all There are a couple of more things that are not impressive at all One is the speaker output Now Nothing claims that you get dual speakers here but the sound output from the ear piece is almost negligible so all the sound comes from the primary speaker grill And even though it does get loud the quality is not that great Second, 
for some reason with my Jio SIM on the Nothing Phone 1 I had some issues with the cellular reception where a couple of times I didn’t get any calls for a good 1 hour or so Lastly, the vibration motor for this price is not that bad and I actually like how Nothing has implemented the haptics with the Glyph Interface To sum this all up, I would say The Nothing Phone 1 is a great first phone for the company We often forget that this is the company’s first phone so it is bound to have some issues But because Nothing hyped this so much Every other small issue/detail is getting highlighted a lot But just coming back to the phone, if we remove the LED lights I would say This is the new OnePlus because it has a clean UI, great battery life, and fast charging support decent but not great cameras and sometimes green tint issues as well 😐 But for now, if you ask me, Is this a great phone? Probably Yes! Was it worth the hype? Probably NO! Ok before leaving this video if you have a Samsung flagship You should definitely watch this video You will thank me after watching it for sure 🙂 And if you want to watch the full review after one month or so Do subscribe to TQnet especially hit that bell icon if you want to get notified as well Do follow me on Instagram and Twitter because I do upload some camera samples there And as always, you know the drill Keep Asking and I will see you in the next one 🙂

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