Kl Guessing| Kerala Lottery Free guessing-4.10.2022|கேரளா லாட்டரி மாஸ் கணிப்பு 04.10.2010 காண கணிப்பு ,

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இந்த கணிப்பை நமக்கு www.thenavitech.com மற்றும்  www.keralalottery.xyz  இந்த இரு வெப்சைட் இன்சார்ட் மற்றும் நம்பர்ஸ் அழகிறதாம் துணைகொண்டு  கருத்து வல்லுநர்களால் வகுத்து வழங்கப்பட்டது ,100% தினமும் வெற்றி வெற்றி வெற்றி !!!
ABC 3-Digit mass Guessing,A B,A C, BC Guessing,4-Digit Guessing ,A Board Guessing

3.10.2022  காண நமது குழு கணித்த எண்களில் பாஸ் ஆனவை 
 3.10.2022 -விளங்கிங் நம்பர் –498499


ABC- 3 Digit Pass Nos – 999-99 Bc Pass

4.10.22 Sthree Sakthi SS 333 Lottery Guessing Winning Numbers Click Here
Kerala Onam Bumper 2022 BR 87 Results
സ്ത്രീ ശക്തി എസ് എസ് 329 ഫലം : Sthree Sakthi Lottery  at Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction Thiruvananthapuram. The first prize is well worth Rs seventy five lakh, even as the second one and third prizes are of Rs 10 lakh and Rs five,000 respectively. The comfort Rs eight,000.

The result could be live in this page after 3.05 pm. പുതിയ ഓരോ നമ്പറുകളും കാണുന്നതിനായി ഈ പേജിലെ റീഫ്രഷ് പേജ് എന്ന ബട്ടൺ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക
last 4 – digit game on  kerala lottery ,daily played on kl lottery result basics  ,keralalottery 4digit game rules and winning amount 

கேரளா லாட்டரி 4-டிஜிட் கேம் விளையாட்டு ,இது ஒரு ப்ரிண்ட் சேய்யதா மற்றும் அவர் அவர் விரும்பும் எண்களை தேர்வுசெய்து கடைசி நிமிடம் வரை பதிவு சேய்துகொள்ளலாம் ,3 மணிக்கு ரிசல்ட் வெளியாகும் கேரளலாட்டரி ஆனால்  2.58 வரை பதிவு செய்த்து கொள்ளலாம் ,

பரிசு விவரம் மற்றும் பதிவு கட்டணம் 

கடைசி 4 எண்கள் -110 ரூபாய் 
கடைசி 3 எண்கள்  – 70 ரூபாய்
கடைசி 2 எண்கள்  – 12 ரூபாய் 
கடைசி 1 எண்  -10 ரூபாய் 


கடைசி 4 எண்கள் -5  laks
கடைசி 3 எண்கள்  – 70 thousand 
கடைசி 2 எண்கள்  – 1000rs
கடைசி 1 எண்  -100 rs 

last 4 – digit game on  kerala lottery ,daily played on kl lottery result basics  ,keralalottery 4digit game rules and winning amount .

4.10.2022 kerala lottery 3-Digit Guessing 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Formula Today 👇

4.10.2022 keralalottery 4-Digit Guessing 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Formula Today 👇

Ab.Ac.Bc 4.10.2022 kerala lottery ab,ac,bc guessing

All Board – 9.8.2

Kerala Lottery Guessing Formula Today 👇

Kerala State Lotteries

Results today stay First Prize Rs. Eighty Lakhs, 2d Prize Rs. 10 Lakh, third Prize Rs.1,00,000, Consolation-prize Rs 8,000 Draw location Bakery Junction Thiruvananthapuram. The system of Today Kerala Lottery Guessing Number Facebook Today, 100% Confirm 3 Number Tips and guessing tricks range system for the Kerala Lottery Tips and guessing proofs, Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya Lottery, Karunya Plus, and Nirmal Lottery, #keralalottery #kerala #keralalotteryabc.

As all of you understand Kerala Lottery is one of the famend state lotteries. You play Kerala lottery yet don’t have the foggiest concept the way to play. So I am here with the factor Kerala Lottery Guessing. Assuming you need to win Kerala State Lottery you then have to keep a glance on the Kerala Lottery Guessing. 

Thus, as to explain the time period Kerala Lottery Guessing, I really want to permit you to realize that that is handiest Kerala Lottery Winning Number Guessing. Kerala Lottery will assist you with prevailing the lottery as quick as might be predicted. What’s more, I assure you if you maintain a glance on this weblog continuously you positively can win someday. 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Whatsapp Group 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Whatsapp Group is a gathering where you may have Kerala Lottery Guessing Number. In the event which you are a commonplace participant and want to win, Kerala Lottery Guessing Whatsapp Group is on the market only for you parents. 

Assuming you need to win Kerala Lottery Guessing then, at that point, can be a part of Kerala Lottery Guessing Whatsapp Group. Assuming you want to join remark your Whatsapp no and say JOIN. We will add you in the Kerala Lottery Guessing Whatsapp Group to permit you to refresh. This will help you a first rate deal of oldsters. 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Number Tips 

Kerala Lottery Guessing number dependent on positive tips. However its very precarious yet on the same time may be critical if you are a trendy Kerala State Lottery player. Kerala Lottery Guessing Number Tips depending on a few astounding stunt that I will impart to you parents. Referenced below. 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Formula Today 

Kerala that Gods assure usa brought more head to its top in the midst of 1967 at a Kerala Lottery Result nowadays office installation to this primary time towards India. 

This right view took place to the accompanying Finance Minister from Kerala. This late Shri. P. K. Kunju Sahib. He taken into consideration the reimbursement of the association from lotteries being a huge justification behind non-rate pay for this state, inside the very time, giving a suffering reimbursement source to the terrible additionally the employer. 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Formula Today 👇

4 Digit Guessing Today


Today Kerala Lottery Result 



Sthree Sakthi 


Karunya Plus 



Kerala Lottery Result nowadays 

Today lottery outcomes have been articulated today. These outcomes stay available in this authority web page. This stay end result started out at three pm, which includes one complete result made geared up at 4 pm. This attracts in held that Sree Chithra Home Auditorium completing a lottery contraption. 

This first prize techniques Rs 6000000/ – lakh, whilst that  prize consists of Rs 500000/ – lakh. This 0.33 prize is Rs a hundred thousand/ – lakh at the same time as that coincidental honor is Rs eight,000. Any longer, PSCWB 

The four also five prize is at Rs 5,000 even Rs 2,000 independently. There finishes a 6 and 7 prize at Rs 1,000 moreover Rs five,00 independently. This eight prize is Rs one hundred. 

Kerala lottery nowadays end result Nirmal 

These prize victors ultimate endorsed to reveal that successful digits by using that Kerala lottery outcomes Nirmal announced in that Kerala authorities Gazette comfort that successful price tag in 30 days. Winning proprietor get back the judgment of 07 % however 10% complete 40% markdown. Kerala Lottery Website subtleties Details. METDENTAL 

Get out Kerala lottery result nowadays, Kerala gov Everyday 03.55 PM. Lottery workplace of Kerala Gov publicizes Kerala Lottery consequences. Kerala Lottery for strength Lottery Medium Kerala lotteries. The site does simply to confined time purposes. Myfedloan 

Every one in all you could destroy down the end result for extra locations like Kerala Lottery Chart. Lottery today sway does, which include the day past past Kerala lottery result does furthermore feasible right here. Kerala Lottery Diffriend Types Lottery List Below you may see and scrutinize all. Moreover, you could find the Kerala lottery result nowadays hypothesizing range. 

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Kerala Lottery is the u . S . A .’s prestigious lottery opposition, Kerala Lottery is organized through the Lotteries Department of the Government of Kerala, this lottery is felony.  All the activities related to lottery are conducted through the Lotteries Department simplest. Kerala Lottery is one of the oldest lottery competitions within the usa. At the beginning of the lottery competition, the cost of 1 price ticket turned into simplest Rs.1 and the prize money became Rs.50000/- was. Every day few fortunate applicants are given the opportunity to get the prize cash.

The first competition of Kerala Lottery changed into held in 1967, and its first draw was held in 1968. The Kerala Lotteries Department is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Here draws of different lotteries are drawn on a each day basis, seven days per week. Different lotteries are drawn each day in Kerala. The seven forms of weekly lotteries which are carried out are Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi SS, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya, Pournami, Bhagyamithra. . And Kerala lottery end result is declared each day at three pm at the reputable internet site of Kerala State Government. Candidates can take a look at Kerala Lottery Result Today Guessing Number, Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday, Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2022, Kerala Today Lottery Result thru the reputable website of Directorate of State Lotteries Kerala

he folks who are looking Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday for Fifty Fifty, Karunya Plus, Akshaya, Sthree Sakthi, Win Win, Nirmal. We are are sharing approximately all the Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday you can check from given the below. People are advocate to kindly healthy the Kerala Lottery Online Results from the reputable website of the Authority 

In this newsletter, we can proportion with you that if you emerge as a winner then you have to follow the procedure of saying money after winning the Kerala State Lottery. The triumphing price tag ought to be surrendered to the authority along with all the required files within. And if the triumphing quantity is as much as ₹ 1 lakh then the prize money may be claimed from the respective district lottery places of work.

And if the winning quantity is greater than ₹ 1 lakh, the winning price ticket will must affix his call, signature and cope with of the prize winner at the back of the price ticket along side all of the required documents and thereafter the winner has to surrender to the director of the lottery, Below we are bringing up the give up branch in keeping with the amount won.

Below we’re bringing up all the documents required to be attached with the price ticket, all the winners must read carefully – 

Claim Application Form at the side of a Self-attested Photocopy of each aspects of the Kerala Lottery Ticket.

02 Passport size photographs of the Kerala lottery winner duly attested with the aid of a Gazetted Officer or Notary.

A receipt for the prize money within the prescribed shape affixing a stamp paper well worth Rs.1

For more records peoples want to go to the legit website of Lotteries Department of the Government of Kerala @keralalotteries.Com

4.10.2022 kerala lottery 3-Digit Guessing 

Kerala Lottery Guessing Formula Today 👇


Kerala Lottery Results Today Live?

Candidates can download Kerala Lottery Online Result Today in few seconds we are able to be supplied a right away hyperlink to down load Kerala Lottery Online Results Today. Below in our article with the help of direct link applicants can down load their Kerala Lottery Results Fifty Fifty Karunya Plus Akshaya Sthree Sakthi Win Win Nirmal hastily and this hyperlink will has been activated now. Below we have stated all the steps through which you will be able to download the keralalotteries. Com Results daily

Candidates needs to go to the official internet site @keralalotteries.Com.And www.Keralalottery.xyz


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