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The Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery is a central authority lottery, which you can play handiest offline by using buying physical paper tickets. There is no manner to purchase tickets on-line. However, in case you need to play on-line lottery from Arunachal Pradesh, it is viable to sign in with a authentic lottery website that offers entry to diverse global lottos.
In this article, we are able to speak the diverse schemes of the Arunachal Pradesh lottery, approaches to buy tickets, in addition to criminal on-line alternatives and the quality lottery web sites to get entry to them.An Overview of the Arunachal Pradesh Lottery
Arunachal Pradesh is one of the thirteen States with a criminal government lottery in India. The Directorate of Arunachal Pradesh State Lotteries conducts 7 draws every week as follows:
Singam Stack – Monday
Singam Volcano – Tuesday
Singam Peak – Wednesday
Singam Summit – Thursday
Singam Pinnacle – Friday
Singam Cliff – Saturday
Singam Heap – Sunday

Prize Position Prize Amount Number of Winners How to Win
1st ₹26.03 lakhs 1 Match all the 8 numbers and letters on the ticket in the exact order
Consolation Prize ₹9.5K 1 Match all the 5 numbers in the second part of the combination on your ticket in the exact order
2nd Prize ₹9K 10 Match any 1 combination of 5 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
3rd Prize ₹500 10 Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
4th Prize ₹250 10 Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
5th Prize ₹120 100 Match any 1 combination of 4 numbers specified by the lottery department in the exact order
Each draw occurs three times on the day it is performed at 10:fifty five AM (Morning), 3 PM (Noon), and seven PM (Evening). The price of each price tag is ₹6. All the attracts offer 6 prize tiers as follows:
As is obvious from the above table, the top prize (jackpot) you could win is ₹26.03 lakhs and the lowest is ₹120. Results are to be had on the Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery website. You also can join leading dailies in the State that publishes effects.
A proper element about the authorities lottery in Arunachal Pradesh is that it’s far streamed live on YouTube at the official channel. You can watch the draw because it happens and know the outcome.
There are two legal methods to buy a lottery price ticket in Arunachal Pradesh – offline or on-line.


If you’re playing the Indian State lottery for Arunachal Pradesh, you want to shop for tickets from either the Lottery Department or authorized price tag sellers. You should make the acquisition in person by means of paying in advance.
Although there is probably options for buying a ticket on-line via 1/3-party sites, this practice is considered illegal under the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998.
Once you have bought your price tag, jot down your full call and cope with at the backside as evidence of buy. You need to keep it secure until the effects are declared due to the fact in case you occur to win, you may simplest declare your prize if you produce the winning price tag intact.


If you go past playing the State lottery in Arunachal Pradesh, you’ll find international lottos, which can be way higher. The tickets to these lotteries are to be had on line for buy at diverse lottery web sites. We have listed the pleasant ones right at the beginning of this newsletter.
To buy a price ticket to global lotteries from Arunachal Pradesh, comply with those steps:
Sign up with a endorsed lottery site.
Pick a lottery of your preference.
Select the draw date, traces, the quantity of attracts to play and your lucky numbers.
Add your price tag(s) to the cart and proceed to checkout.
Complete the fee.
Wait for a buy order affirmation.

Which Is Better: Govt Lottery or International Lottery?
The authorities lottery in Arunachal Pradesh comes with its personal set of advantages, which we can not disregard. For instance, it has the warranty of the State Government itself, this means that tickets sold from reliable resources are legit. Prizes could be paid out if a win is registered.
However, international lotteries come with some other set of advantages, which overshadows those of Arunachal Pradesh govt lotteries.
First and foremost, you get to buy tickets online from the comfort of your property. The want to physically go to the vendor is dismissed. Additionally, tickets bought via on line lottery web sites are virtual. Since you aren’t buying a paper price ticket, there may be no fear of dropping it.
Playing lotteries on line is greater amusing due to the fact you get to select your very own lucky numbers. Paper tickets, then again, include pre-revealed numbers.
The largest advantage, however, is that of the prize value. Jackpots in worldwide lotteries are always bigger compared to those supplied with the aid of all of the Arunachal Pradesh lottery draws combined. You may even play in syndicates so the fee of tickets is shared and you continue to stand a danger to win something full-size.
Furthermore, it’s far less complicated to claim a prize you received in a global lotto than that during Arunachal Pradesh State lottos. The process is more truthful and quicker. You don’t even must preserve checking for the effects to drop. When you win, you’d be notified and paid out after verification.
Arunachal Pradesh Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2013
As per the Arunachal Pradesh Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2013, the State is unfastened to behavior paper in addition to online lotteries supplied it meets the criteria laid down inside the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998.
The following records should be introduced in advance through an professional notification before any lottery scheme is accredited or performed:
The call of the lottery scheme
MRP of the price tag
Total wide variety of tickets to be revealed (for paper lotteries)
Total fee of the printed tickets
All records approximately ticket dealers
Prize shape and prize price
Periodicity of the draws
Location of the attracts
Process of payout of prizes
Additionally, the ticket prices can’t move decrease than ₹2 and the top prizes can’t be much less than ₹10K. No draws will be conducted on National vacations. Winning tickets might be thoroughly tested to confirm authenticity. Prizes would be paid to the winners’ bank accounts.
Despite some of these guidelines, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh lottery comes with numerous drawbacks, the primary one being the shortage of tickets on-line. Luckily, we have international lotteries for all those lotto enthusiasts in Arunachal Pradesh and beyond.

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