ASSAM BODLAND LOTTERY ONLINE?|How To Play Assam Lottery online in India


Like all other States that presently run a government lottery in India, the Assam State Lottery (also known as the Bodoland Lottery) conducts a paper lottery which you can play offline simplest. You want to buy physical paper tickets from legal sellers because the sale of tickets on line has now not been legitimized but.
For players who want to play lotteries online from Assam, worldwide lotteries are the nice guess. All you want to do is sign up with a authentic lottery website that accepts Indian gamers and pick out a lottery recreation you think is really worth playing. These web sites help banking techniques quality acceptable for Indian players so you should buy a ticket on-line and withdraw your winnings without difficulty.
This article discusses Assam’s Bodoland lotteries in detail, methods to purchase tickets, and its legal alternatives online. Let’s get began.
An Overview of the Assam State Lottery (Bodoland Lottery)
The Government of Bodoland Territorial Council (Assam) runs 13 schemes – 10 Assam Series and 3 Special Series attracts on a every day basis. Each of the 10 schemes underneath the Assam Series has 7 draws that happen as soon as a week. 
The lists beneath show how the attracts of the Assam State Lottery are carried out Monday through Sunday.
Assam Series
The cost of tickets to the Assam Series lottery draws vary from one scheme to the next. The most expensive of the lot are the tickets to the Assam Future Series which might be priced at ₹7 each. Those for Assam Thangam and Deer Series are priced at ₹6 every. The maximum low-cost tickets are for Assam Singam, Kuil, Swarnalaxmi, Vishnu, Kumaran, Rosa, and Nallaneram, which are priced at ₹2 every.
Every scheme inside the Assam Series gives 6 prize tiers, which do now not consist of any comfort prize. The top prize is ₹1 lakh. The lowest you can win off a ticket to the Assam lottery Series is ₹50.

Days Future 12 PM Singam 5 PM Kuil 8 PM Swarnalaxmi 3 PM Vishnu 12 PM Kumaran 12 PM Nallaneram 7 PM Thangam 7 PM
Monday Sincere Yellow Silver Sun Sun Sun Luck Luck
Tuesday Faithful Red Diamond Coral Moon Moon Chance Chance
Wednesday Kind Green Gold Emerald Star Star Fortune Fortune
Thursday Gentle Black Platinum Silver Fire Fire Game Game
Friday Tender Blue Best Diamondcol 5 Storm Storm Charm Charm
Saturday Good Pink King Gold Wave Wave Skill Skill
Sunday Loving White Super Ruby Thunder Thunder Effort Effort

Special Series

The following three Special attracts run Monday via Sunday at 3 PM.
Cost of tickets to those Special attracts in Assam is simply ₹2. Each scheme gives four prize degrees, which do no longer consist of a comfort prize. The maximum you may win off a ticket to a Special Series draw in Assam is ₹1 lakh and the minimal is ₹100.
How to Buy a Lottery Ticket in Assam?
Depending on the way you need to play the lottery in Assam, there are two prison approaches of purchasing a ticket – offline and on line.


With the Assam Bodoland Lottery being a paper lottery, you can purchase tickets handiest offline. Head immediately on your nearest price ticket seller authorized by means of the State Government or visit the Lottery Department in Bodoland to make a direct buy.
You must make the price in advance to get hold of your price tag. Remember to decide beforehand which draw to enter and what number of tickets to purchase. If you’re playing the lottery on a shoestring finances however nonetheless desire to enhance your chances of winning, you would possibly want to buy multiple tickets to the cheapest Assam lottery.
Once you purchase a price ticket, write down your call and full cope with on the backside straight away. This might ensure your possession of the ticket and evidence of purchase. Store it in a secure vicinity till the draw is over and consequences are declared due to the fact if you win, you’ll need to post your ticket intact.
Word of caution for those trying to play the Assam Bodoland Lottery on-line: Several 1/3-birthday party web sites gift themselves as legal price ticket sellers and ask for online charge in return for doorstep shipping of tickets. You need to understand that such practices are unlawful as in keeping with the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998.


Those wishing to shop for lottery tickets on-line in Assam can try world lottos. Various lottery websites can help you input worldwide draws from the consolation of your house.
You can opt for either a price ticket messenger provider that buys paper tickets in your behalf and sends you a scanned reproduction or a lottery having a bet site that helps you to wager at the final results of the lottery. Whatever you pick, you will constantly have the equal odds of winning, the equal prize tiers, and the same prize values.

To get began, just comply with these 9 simple steps:

Register with a professional lottery web page.
Choose the lottery you want to play.
Select the date of draw.
Pick the number of lines to go into.
Choose your lucky numbers.
Add the price tag(s) to the cart.
Proceed to checkout.
Make the price online.
Receive a affirmation electronic mail or SMS.
Which Is Better: Assam Bodoland Lotteries or International Online Lotteries?
Assam Lotteries are authorities-sponsored, which assures players that the attracts could be conducted as planned and prizes paid out to all winners. However, there are a couple of negative aspects of gambling the paper lottery in Assam, which places them underneath the shadow of their advanced peers – the arena lotteries.
For instance, the incapability to buy tickets to an Assam lottery on-line should without difficulty go away gamers pissed off. We live in a digital global wherein shopping from wherein you’re placed is taken into consideration a major convenience. International lotteries take the cake here because they supply gamers this very comfort!
Secondly, whilst you play the authorities lottery in Assam (and India), you need to take up the responsibility to hold your ticket safe. You ought to mark your personal evidence of buy and possession by signing the price ticket. If you happen to lose or harm your ticket, no winnings could be paid out if you win.
Online lotteries, alternatively, are free from such hassles. You get both a digital reproduction emailed to you or an electronic mail confirming your purchase. The risk of deleting an e-mail is lower than dropping or mutilating a paper price tag. Even in case you control to do it, your account with the lottery website could nevertheless have details of the entry to procure.
Furthermore, online lotteries can help you pick out your very own numbers manually or thru automation. This is a distant dream with regards to Assam State Lotteries. You can only buy a price tag with pre-printed numbers and by no means select any quantity for real. That’s honestly boring vs. Exciting.
Another advantage of gambling international lotteries is the convenience of claiming a prize. If you manifest to win, you’ll be notified and paid out after of completion of a simple verification procedure. The identical can’t be said about the Govt Lottery in Assam. Claiming the prize is an extended technique that would in the end depart you dispirited.
You should submit a heap of files duly signed with the aid of government officials, passport-length images, and the authentic winning price ticket itself. Please also remember the fact that an absent or torn price ticket would no longer fetch you the prize, even when you have all the documents geared up.
The biggest advantage of global lotteries, however, is the size of the jackpots. These lotteries pay out larger and higher top prizes as compared to the lotteries in Assam. Even if you win a prize in a lower tier, it might nonetheless be better than the pinnacle prizes in Assam lotto. Long tale brief, global lotteries are higher than Assam lotteries. 

Bodoland Lottery Rules!!!

Lotteries in Assam are carried out as consistent with the Bodoland Territorial Council Lottery Rules 2007, which currently permits paper lotteries based at the pre-announcement of the following:
Name of the lottery draw and scheme
MRP of the price ticket
Total tickets in print
Total value of revealed tickets
Information approximately authorized ticket dealers
Prize structure and prize cost
Periodicity of draws
Location of attracts
Process of payout of prizes
The State Lottery also follows the rules laid down inside the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998, which limits the minimal price of tickets to ₹2 and the minimal value of pinnacle prizes to ₹10K. The Lottery Department is responsible for the printing of tickets and verifying the authenticity of prevailing tickets before paying out prizes.
However, notwithstanding these strict measures, there were numerous times of players getting duped via unauthorized dealers promoting faux tickets. This is a severe situation that has left many lotto players in Assam disheartened.

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